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Our School History

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Our School History


Our school has been known began as Ravensworth Road School and had an infant and junior school, as well as a secondary school!

For a number of years our school operated under a different name; Mottingham Primary School, but in recognition of our 80th anniversary, we reverted back to Ravensworth Primary School.  

We are very proud of our history and you can see from our gallery below just how much our school has changed over the years. 

The secondary part of the school opened on Monday, 11th September 1939, just a few days after the beginning of World War Two, which affected attendance significantly.

The school had to wait until 1940 for the air raid shelters to be built! Below, you can see an array of diary entries from the Headteacher's diary from the World War 2 period.

The current school building was initially the infant school and in 1989, it was renovated and made bigger to accommodate the primary school.


Below is what it looked like before the new section was build in the 00's.